Buying Insurance Rules Of Safar Bime

  • General rules

    According to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the website of the Islamic Republic of Iran is governed by the Internet of Things and the Code of Conduct of Electronic Commerce and the Users are not obliged to post the contents of this article in any way or in violation of the ethical and religious principles of Iran. If proved, the consequences will be borne by him. The user has the right to enter information other than himself for registration and reservation and undertakes to enter his information correctly on the website. If the information is incomplete or inaccurate, the responsibility for the subsequent consequences of this operation lies with the user. The user undertakes to modify any changes in his / her personal data as soon as possible on the website or to provide the necessary information. Otherwise, this website will not be held liable for the consequences of the lack of accuracy of the information.

  • Rules of insurance revocation

    If the buyer requests to cancel the insurance policy, he / she has to revoke it within the period of validity of the insurance policy included in the file. It should be noted that after the expiration of the validity period of the insurance policy, the cancellation is impossible and the premium will not be refunded to the passenger. In general, if a traveler fails to obtain a visa, after the visit to the embassy, ​​it is possible to revoke the insurance policy, in which case the insurer should send the insurance policy file together with the letter of the embassy to refuse the visa application for site support. In these circumstances, in accordance with the rules of the insurance company, the specified fine is deducted and the rest is returned to the passenger.